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Henna Tattoo Permission

Your child has the option to participate in an activity where a temporary henna tattoo is applied.  In this activity, your child will learn about the culture of henna and how henna works as a tattoo on the skin. It is possible, but unlikely, that henna application can result in an allergic reaction, so we need parental or guardian permission for this activity. The activity is completely optional and can not be done without this permission slip signed.  The kit contains Henna powder, sugar, citric acid and eucalyptus oil.

Staff will be applying the henna ink, and I will not hold The Fun House Inc responsible for any allergic reaction my child may have. I understand that this application will last 7-12 days but may last up to 6 weeks before wearing off, and that there is no way to speed the removal. I understand that my child will need to be patient while waiting for the tattoo to dry; and smearing it may result in an altered design.

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