After School
Summer Camp

Registration Fee (per family) $50
Elementary School $65
Additional children $50
After School drop in $20

Teacher Workdays
7 AM - 6:30 PM
Already registered for A.S. $10
Drop in $55

Summer camp begins on the first
day of summer break and ends on
the last week day before school

Commit to child care for the entire
summer and receive a discount on
your child care.
$140.00 per week for one child
$260.00 per week for 2 children

**Activity Fee TBA for the summer
Vacation week is half price

No Commitment Weekly Child Care
$160.00 per week for one child
$305.00 per week for two children
**Activity Fee $50.00 per week or
Summer Activity Fee

Daily Child Care
$55.00 per day for one child
$100.00 per day for two children
**Activity Fee of $25.00 if field trip
or enrichment day.

Parent's Night Out

Open 6-10 PM
Dinner & games included
Once per month, pending enrollment
for one $35
for each additional child $20


Celebrate at The Fun House.

Contact us for more information.