After School
Summer Camp

Registration Fee (per family) $50

Non Refundable
Elementary School $85
Additional children $65
After School drop in $25

Teacher Workdays
7 AM - 6:30 PM
Already registered for A.S. $10
Drop in $55

Summer camp begins on the first
day of summer break and ends on
the last week day before school

Non Refundable Registration fee required
Commit to child care for the entire
summer and receive a discount on
your child care.
$140.00 per week for one child
$260.00 per week for 2 children

**Activity Fee TBA for the summer
Vacation week is half price

No Commitment Weekly Child Care
$160.00 per week for one child
$305.00 per week for two children
**Activity Fee $50.00 per week or
Summer Activity Fee

Daily Child Care
$55.00 per day for one child
$100.00 per day for two children
**Activity Fee of $25.00 if field trip
or enrichment day.

Parent's Night Out

Open 6-10 PM
Dinner & games included
Once per month, pending enrollment
for one $35
for each additional child $20